Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pat Tryson Done At Roush Fenway

Lee Spencer has the scoop in this story. One must be wondering if Doug Richert tries to get himself fired from Red Bull Racing... interestingly, the guy Tryson said would be taking over is Chris Andrews from Evernham, yet all signs point to Greg Erwin, formerly of Robby Gordon's team. Also on Jayski today is a rumor that Aflac will take over for AmeriQuest as co-sponsor of the #16 team. I must say, I'm getting worried at the direction of this team heading towards the future. I hate to think this could turn out like the Jeff Burton deal where Biffle runs bad for the next 3 years before both sides realize they need to move on. Anyway, a few other items:

Mark Martin to sub for Jeff Gordon in June
Marty Smith posted this somewhat interesting story, featuring the "alternate plans" for Jeff Gordon when his wife gives birth this June. In the event Jeff can't race, it would put Mark Martin into the driver's seat of the #24. I'm not counting on it yet, because it seems that every time a scenario like this could happen it inevitably doesn't.

Bill Elliott returns to Ford, at least for the next few weeks
This story came out a week or two ago but I don't care, I still want to talk about it. Seeing one of the great all-time Ford drivers behind the wheel of one of the great all-time Ford teams (arguably the greatest discounting recent history) is something I can't wait to see. At least Bill's not whoring himself out to that awful #37 car. Here's hoping that #21 car runs well in the 600.

and finally...

The COT will race exclusively in 2008... and an angel's wings are clipped. Congrats NASCAR, the undue stress you've put on car owners, shop employees, and everyone who actually has to take care of the cars is glad you've decided to go with just one... and of course, its the COT. Just like you wanted right? I'm still going to need to see more improvement before I can really get behind this thing. Hey, maybe NASCAR should pay some reparations to every team for all their work that means nothing on the current cars. It's worth a shot, anyway.

You know, there are two series that benefit from this: the first is the Busch Series, who will finally have a different identity from Nextel Cup in that they have cars with years of testing and knowledge behind them, not to mention the likely reduction in double-duty drivers. The other beneficiary will be ARCA, whose teams will now have a huge fleet of cars available that they can't afford to buy.


vroom said...

Biffle needs to leave Roushy!

thecatfishshow said...

He doesn't NEED to, but the team and driver need to rediscover why they were so successful in the second half of 2004 and 2005.