Thursday, May 3, 2007

Random Stuff This Week

- The Busch Series is still looking for a new sponsor, and according the stories, all the potential companies well... just don't sound that good. At least KFC dropped out, saving us from the KFC Chicken Bucket Series. Supposedly Subway and Dish Network are on the list as well. At this point, I just hope they find a decent company that will pump some serious $$$ into the series.

- What a shocker... Dale Jarrett has a new crew chief after MWR let Matt Borland go. Smart move for DJ, as his chances of qualifying for Richmond just went from slim to none.

- Kyle Busch's HANS device suffered a crack at Talladega. Good to see the equipment working as good as ever. Seriously though, this is one of the few times I've ever heard of a HANS suffering any sort of damage. Glad he (and the HANS) is ok.

- Talladega banned 14 people for life after throwing beer cans on the track last Sunday, and now wants other tracks to do the same. Funny, I don't recall people throwing beer cans on the track after a win by a certain driver more than once.

- Taking a look at the entry lists for Richmond this week, Toyota brings out a few new toys in each race: Bobby Santos, a highly regarded development driver for Bill Davis will make his Busch debut after putting up some fast times in testing a month or two ago. He'll be in the #91. On the Cup side, Johnny Benson will drive a Camry for Wyler Racing. Should be interesting to see if Benson, so slouch behind the wheel, can make the field for Saturday night's race.


Vroom! said...

Not sure why "one off" teams even attempt races these

thecatfishshow said...

Well, he did make the race haha... and knocked Vickers out, which I DON'T like.