Friday, May 11, 2007

What The Hell?

I noticed this story on the Observer's website today and I thought to myself, huh? Here is the story:

Unlicensed driver gets Toyota Truck series team tossed from testing at Charlotte track

By JIM UTTER/The Charlotte Observer

Bill Davis Racing’s No. 23 Toyota NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series team was thrown out of a test session Thursday night at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Concord, N.C., for using an unlicensed driver.

NASCAR spokesman Josh Hamilton confirmed that BDR’s No. 23 team was ejected from the speedway Thursday night and that the team - and regular driver Johnny Benson - would not be allowed to take part in Friday’s test session.

The team is likely to face additional penalties from NASCAR for the infraction. Any such penalties will likely be announced next week. BDR officials could not be reached for comment late Thursday.

"NASCAR has certain guidelines for drivers who participate in races and test sessions, and the No. 23 team went outside those guidelines,” Hamilton said.

NASCAR officials refused to identify the driver in the truck. He was discovered when late in Thursday night’s session, the No. 23 spun off Turn 2 and wrecked, demolishing the truck. Several witnesses noticed it was not Benson that was taken to the infield care center.

“This is an official NASCAR test, under their supervision and guidance, and we defer to their jurisdiction in handling the matter,” said Jerry Gappens, the speedway’s senior vice president.

“NASCAR took immediate action and ejected the No. 23 team from the test. Obviously, this team violated the guidelines NASCAR has in place and will face the consequences associated with its actions.”

The unidentified driver was treated at the care center but, citing privacy laws, Gappens said his name could not be released.

So, anyone privy to the information NASCAR won't release? I'm very intrigued by this...

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marc said...

Ah... Junior testing his new ride?