Friday, June 22, 2007

Somebody Give Me A Loan...

...I've got a racetrack to buy.

In other news, Sprint/Nextel continues acting like the kid whose ice cream dropped off the cone and then in return tries to take someone else's. The act is getting old, really old. The series heads to Sonoma this week while the other series are at what I think could be called without a doubt the most boring 1-mile track in the nation, Milwaukee. I know, I know, the track has history but watching those cars race on it is.... BORING.

One race I really look forward to seeing this week is the IRL race at Rusty's Iowa Speedway. As good as the Richmond shows are, I expect to see the same sort of action on this track.


vroom said...

I'll be flipping between IndyCar and FranceCar events on Sunday!

charlie said...

You got plenty of action. That track looks awesome. I just wish NASCAR would replace one of the mile and a half races with one at Iowa.