Friday, July 13, 2007

14 Years... Has It Really Been That Long?

14 years ago today, the racing world lost someone who would have undoubtedly become one of the sport's greatest drivers, that being Davey Allison.

I was still a rather young boy at the time, but I do remember Davey Allison. He was a young boy's favorite driver in the #28 because he was so good on the track and always appeared so nice off of it. As I've grown older, I've only come to realize more just how good he was and how good he would have been. I always argue that Dale Earnhardt would not have 7 championships, and Jeff Gordon would not have 4 championships had he not been taken that day. I guess, though, it adds to the legend of someone when they're taken before we would want them to be. When I read the book by Larry Mac a few years ago I skipped ahead to the chapters about Davey. The death of Davey marked the end of the Alabama Gang in NASCAR racing, with his dad and uncle long retired and no one else to carry the mantle. RIP, Davey. You're still missed.

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vroom said...

28 was a star!