Monday, July 16, 2007

DEI/Ginn Merger?

The company of the day has to be DEI, who is burning up Jayski's front page with rumors that may have legs. First, the company is the odds on favorite to land Kyle Busch, along with more rumblings of the company buying/merging with cash-strapped Ginn Racing. The Busch deal is well-documented; yet it is very interesting to see what happens if this thing with actually goes through. Among the first questions is how to divide 6 teams with 7 drivers down to a 4 car/4 driver operation. You know all three DEI cars will remain, those being the #1, #8 (or 5, or whatever) and the #15 with Truex, Busch, and Menard driving. The Ginn team, however, uses the #01 with Martin and Regan Smith, the #13 of Nemechek, and the #14 of Sterling Marlin. You know Sterling will be gone and most likely Nemechek, which leaves the question of what to do with Mark Martin and Regan Smith. Smith is supposed to be the future, while Martin I believe will want to return next season. I sincerely doubt that Martin and Smith will share the #01 for another year. My opinion is that Martin will lose out in this hypothetical deal. Your DEgInn lineup for the next year will be:

01 Army - Regan Smith
1 Bass Pro Shops - Martin Truex Jr.
8 Budweiser? - Kyle Busch
15 Menards (w/ 13 or 14's owners points) - Paul Menard

So in this circumstance, what of Mark Martin? Any team looking for a part-time driver to help develop a young talent?

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Charlie said...

Good. Then Gibbs can grab the #13 for JJ Yeley and groom Almirola or Logano for the #18. I love silly season.