Sunday, July 22, 2007

Introducing Hendrick's Newest Driver (Whiner), Landon Cassill

18 year-old driver Landon Cassill made debut in the Busch Series last night at Gateway, and actually ran pretty well for a while. However, all was not sunshine and buttercups after he sent Mike Bliss into the wall and just a few laps later met his own premature exit from the race after a collison with Travis Kittleson. In his post-crash interview, though, he showed the viewers watching that he has completed a crash course in Hendrick University's "Blame Everyone But Yourself" program. After taking no responsibility for sending Bliss into the wall when Bliss was running in 2nd, Cassill then went on to blame Kittleson for passing him in what should have been a clean move. With more experience, Cassill should know that he needed to give the spot to Kittleson, who wasn't really a threat to him. Cassill could have earned a top 5 finish last night. Instead, he showed great promise and an attitude problem. Are we looking at the next Kyle Busch?

Reed Sorenson got back to victory lane in the series for the first time since 2005, also at Gateway if I'm not mistaken. Kudos go out to Jason Leffler and David Ragan, both scoring top 5 finishes.


vroom said...

Please, not another Kyle Busch!

New PFC opens today in Ctown!

DARRENBFD6294 said...

Wow, looked to me like Bliss checked up and Cassill ran into the back of him. And Landon thanked his crew and said it was a racing deal, he didn't look mad to me at all, I just saw a smile on his face.


Jonathan Trenn said...

I don't think he'll be another Kyle Busch. Although someone has to take him under their wing and show him the way.

Nice blog. Learning a lot. I'm nominating you for the Blogger Choice Awards.

Gregg said...

Are you seriously comparing Landon Cassill to Kyle Busch?? lol...Landon is one of the most well mannered well spoken drivers in the sport. You might aswell compare Marcos Ambose to Kyle Busch! lol. I've talked to landon several times and he always has time for his fans and anybody who has had the pleasure of meeting him would say the same thing. The only comparison between Kyle and Landon is both are very talented drivers but there character is nothing a like. Have you seen Landon Cassill in interviews??? maybe you got the wrong person because there is nobody nicer then Landon.

lets compare..

Landon Cassill

Kyle Busch