Thursday, July 12, 2007

Looking Back - Preseason Predictions

Since we're at the halfway point of the 2007 season, I thought I'd take a look at my predictions for the season and how well... or not so well they have held up. The original post is here.

Good calls: I mentioned Martin Truex Jr. winning in the series this year, and he has done that and more with his run in the last 2 months. My disappointment also is turning into fruition, as Ginn Racing is not the powerhouse in 2007 some kool-aid drinkers thought they'd be.

Undecided: Matt Kenseth as my championship pick can still very well happen, but his team just lacks any sort of momentum at this point in the year. Although, they are one of the few teams that could turn it on by September. I also really thought Ganassi would be doing better than they are. The cars looked great in the first several races of the season, but they've dropped like a rock since. At one point, David Stremme was 11th in the standings and now I don't even know if he is in the top 25. I'd look for a driver shakeup in that organization in 2008. Also on the first-time winners, I have Bowyer, Sorenson, and Gilliland among those I think could win. Right now, cross Gilliland and Sorenson off. Clint, you need to win one this year buddy and I can elevate this into the good calls section.

Bad calls: Obviously, my picking Paul Menard as ROTY is turning out to be a dud. I thought he'd at least make every race and have a chance to run solidly, but that isn't the case as he sits in 3rd in the ROTY standings 69 points behind Montoya.

As far as the Busch and Truck predictions, I think I nailed it in Busch and completely blew it in the Trucks. Edwards is on pace to clinch the title before the Chase starts and Ragan leads the ROTY standings, while Montoya has won and Blaney has had a great year for Braun.


vroom said...

I too thought Menard would have a better vrooming season.

charlie said...

My Montoya ROY pick looks solid. Biffle for the Cup, not so much.