Friday, July 6, 2007

Lots Of News This Week...

Several stories to get to this week:

- The big one I guess is the impending name change of Nextel Cup to presumably Sprint Cup. I've disliked that name for a while since it sounds like "spit cup" but I'm not Brian France, who may like that sort of thing. The Sprint Championship Series sounds better but I'd rather keep the Cup name. Maybe the new Busch sponsor will sound better.

- The whole deal with crew chiefs being suspended has become such a farce. Even back last year Cheater Knaus took advantage of NASCAR making things up as they go along. It's past time to make sure these guys are not able to have any contact whatsoever with their team during the week or during the race weekend.

- TNT will use a new "wide open" coverage for the Pepsi 400 this weekend. My guess is that "wide open" coverage means, in TNT terms, wide open advertising.

- Kyle Busch is close to deciding a new team and the choices are among the following: Gibbs, Childress, DEI, Evernham, and Ganassi. My guess is that Ganassi is there just to be there, and I don't know why anyone would want to be Kasey Kahne's teammate since you know that if you run better than him, your team and cars will become his by the next season. That leaves the trio of Chevy teams. Any of them look good, especially since DEI's resurgence of late. I still think there will be a new driver of the #18 next season with J.J. Yeley being pawned off to HOF.

- I really couldn't believe what I read yesterday, that NASCAR is considering moving the Daytona 500 to the end of the year. It would be unconscionable to take this event and overshadow it by making the championship decided there. I'm not in favor of a plate race deciding the champion, plus, this is the freakin' Daytona 500! Why screw with the greatest event in racing? Oh that's right, we are talking about NASCAR here...

- Man, it must be tough to drive for Dale Jr. Shane Huffman, your fade into obscurity will take place in 3.... 2.... 1.....

- Much to my chagrin, I missed Travis Kvapil punt Brad Kesolowski out of the way at Memphis to pick up his second win of the season. Kesolowski put on a hell of a show, driving the suspended Ted Musgrave's #9 almost to a win. But, Kvapil was faster and he would have gotten around him one way or another. Brad may parlay this into bigger things, and soon. Color me surprised.

- Anyone heard from Jon Wood lately? Supposedly he'll be back soon in a truck for the family team. Since his illness and recovery, Kelly Bires has driven the #47 Busch car admirably and admittedly better than Wood himself. I think everyone may be realizing that Jon Wood just may not have what it takes to be a Nextel Cup-level driver.

- The Cup and Busch Series' are both in Daytona for some restrictor plate racing. Odds are, you won't know the difference by looking at the finishing order of both races since the same drivers will be in the top 10 in both races.

- Who was it that used to drive for Dale Jr. in Busch?

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MillerLiteNo2 said...

Gee It may just be me but the name Jon Wood sounds a lot like the name Larry Foyt.