Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Newman-Haas Buying Yates? What's Next?

Lee Spencer (not always the most accurate, but read on) is reporting that the Newman-Haas team that has dominated Champ Car since all the other good teams went to the IRL has offered to buy Robert Yates Racing. This isn't new territory for Haas, who partnered with Travis Carter for many years in the series with the #26 and currently is a part-owner of Kyle Krisiloff's Busch team. Spencer reports the deal could be announced Friday.

11:15 Update: Now Angelique Chengelis is reporting that Newman-Haas and Yates are merging in a deal that focuses on both teams' long-time allegiance to Ford. Maybe if Bourdais doesn't get that F1 ride, he could end up driving for Yates in the Cup Series. For Yates, they need to step their game up given how pathetic they've been the last 2 years.

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charlie said...

This would be a good thing for Ford which inturn would be good for NASCAR. I don't think it bodes well for Champ Car.