Monday, July 16, 2007

Terry Blount, I Had So Much Respect For You...

Among the writers on I thought Terry was one of the best, given that he didn't come from (cough David Newton and Marty Smith) but he always seemed to be more truthful than the others. That said, his latest piece, titled After brutal Chicago race, bring on the COT is just the latest example of NASCAR's heavy hand pushing this monstrosity and calling it the savior of the sport. For real NASCAR journalism these days, you're going to have to find a place that isn't a part of a NASCAR TV deal.

You see, everyone, these "writers" want you to never be satisfied because they make their money reporting "controversy." There isn't enough side-by-side racing. Go to a restrictor plate race, the cars need to be more spread out. It's impossible to ever be happy with the current state of racing, something always needs to be done. Even though the cars we've seen race week-to-week are favored by every driver out on the track, not to mention just about every crew chief sitting atop the pit boxes, we had to re-design everything. Change everything about the cars. We needed to "level the playing field." Nevermind that the essence of racing is about competition and having the best piece on any given week. I've grown tired of these gimmicks to sell the soul of the sport. Everyone, I think we need a reminder of what racing is all about. This weekend, go out to your local short track and show them some support. Maybe they'll also show us why we love the smell of the tires and the roar of the engines. For those guys, that's what it's still about.

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