Sunday, August 26, 2007

Edwards Wins Sharpie 500; But The Chase Has Ruined This Race

I was as happy as any fan of Edwards after his impressive win last night, but I was sad to see the official demise of the August race at Bristol. Since 2004, when have we seen an exciting race in August at Bristol? Dale Earnhardt/Terry Labonte these races are not. The drivers are too concerned with not screwing up that the excitement, I believe, is gone. Sure, the new track was good. But the old Bristol was special, the new Bristol is not. I hope I'm wrong.

We're down to 2 races left before the Chase starts and I think there will be little drama left before it starts. Kurt Busch has jumped out to a 158-point lead over Dale Jr. and I don't think the #8 team or driver is good enough to make up that amount on the #2 team and driver. These races are going to provide an opportunity for a driver to gain some bonus points heading in to Loudon.

The IRL race today is in Sonoma, the battle between Dario Franchitti and Scott Dixon should be a good one.


Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

Your right the chase has affected Bristol ..there was a lot of defence last night and not much offence.. same as last the new surface is to perfect needs some bumps and dips in it to get the character back

4ever3 said...

I agree that the Chase has ruined the 'fight' that Bristol enstilled in the drivers. Since the introduction of the Chase formate they drive around the track like a dog that has been 'fixed'.