Sunday, August 26, 2007

Scott Dixon Takes Infineon Win, Points Lead

Scott Dixon won at Infineon today in a race that Dario Franchitti arguably gave away in contact with Marco Andretti, although he was probably saved by Tony Kanaan's selfless driving.

Dario's a guy you just want to root for on the track, but I'm starting to see some similarities between his season and the 2002 season of Sterling Marlin. In 2002, if you remember, Sterling led the points for about 9 months of the season, with great consistency and a few wins. But, Sterling began fading. His top 5 finishes became top 10's and top 15's, and coupled with some early demises in races his point lead evaporated and eventually, he didn't even finish the year because of a neck injury at Kansas. This season, Franchitti has been on fire of that proportion with multiple wins, including the Indy 500. But his efforts at Michigan and Kentucky, coupled with a white-hot run by Scott Dixon, have turned the championship battle around from favoring Franchitti to favoring Dixon. Even the flips two weeks a row seem to just have brought Franchitti down to the rest of the field. Time will tell if Franchitti can retake the lead over Dixon, but with two events left I think that it will take misfortune on Dixon's part for him to not claim his second IRL championship.

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