Sunday, September 9, 2007


Good lord, I don't know where to begin with ESPN's "coverage" last night. Us race fans aren't that hard to please when it comes to race broadcasts. First of all, actually show the race. That means don't miss restarts, don't go to commercial during a battle for the lead, and don't clutter the screen with unnecessary graphics. In the booth, we like to know what's happening for the whole field, not certain marketable drivers. We expect this information from the play-by-play man with the assistance of the pit reporters. As a general rule, throwing the coverage down to a studio in the pits should be kept to a minimum, unless your name is Larry McReynolds.

This goes out to ESPN: EVERYTHING IS NOT ABOUT AERO. The aero coming off the car when he makes a pit stop does not make or break a race. If I see this thing on another track less than and mile and a half I'll punch the closest wall to my right fist. For backup on this, read the column in The Daly Planet that pretty much sums up how I and many other fans feel.


Michael said...

Here here. ESPN was good with NASCAR back in the 90's but the people they have now just make NASCAR a laughing stock of television

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