Wednesday, October 24, 2007

DirecTV NASCAR Hot Pass

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – Setting another new benchmark in TV sports programming, DIRECTV will produce a world’s first for NASCAR fans by taking them deep inside America’s fastest-growing spectator sport, alongside their favorite drivers, through an exclusive new television service - NASCAR HOTPASS™ only on DIRECTV.

Each week during the 2007 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series, NASCAR HOTPASS™, only on DIRECTV, will put race fans behind the wheel, in the pits and around the track with their favorite NASCAR drivers and teams, by offering a variety of features allowing fans to follow five different drivers during every race. Each of the five dedicated driver channels will offer multiple camera angles, real-time statistics, in-car audio communication and a dedicated announcer team. The new HOTPASS service, combined with race day telecasts and coverage, will give fans the most comprehensive and powerful NASCAR experience possible.

While the NASCAR viewing experience to date has focused predominately on the race and the ongoing battles taking place on the track between teams, the new DIRECTV service will bring to life the drama that exists within each racing team as they execute the decisions that make or break success. Much like in football where the play-by-play decisions of coaches provide drama for the millions of “armchair” quarterbacks as they predict and analyze what the team will do next, such is the case with NASCAR HOTPASS only on DIRECTV™ as fans are privy to the dialogue and strategy involved in every critical move.

“NASCAR fans are the most passionate and committed fans in all sports,” said David Hill, president, DIRECTV Entertainment. “Their depth of knowledge of what it takes to win the Cup is matched only by their commitment to their favorite driver. So we’re giving the fans of five drivers a race, the chance to live the entire race sitting next to their favorite driver. They’ll hear driver conversations with the spotter and crew chief, they’ll hear and experience every decision, and watch every move they make—right or wrong. For NASCAR fans this is the ultimate thrill ride as they, like the crew chief, will know where the driver stands in the field because both the network broadcast and the driver cameras will be on the same screen, giving fans a chance to fully experience the drama of the race.”

"NASCAR is always breaking ground in presenting new ways for our fans to become fully immersed in the NASCAR experience. DIRECTV is a company consistently on the leading edge of sports television innovations, so this was a perfect fit,” said Dick Glover, vice president of Broadcasting and New Media, NASCAR. “We’re thrilled to have DIRECTV as the exclusive distributor of this exciting new programming service and are confident that together we will make NASCAR HOTPASS™ a must-have for every race fan."

In 1994, DIRECTV broke new ground in televised sports by partnering with the NFL to launch the exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ service. NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ and subsequent sports programming packages with Major League Baseball, the NHL, NBA and NCAA among other leagues have firmly established DIRECTV as the leader in specialized sports programming. DIRECTV has continued to utilize sports to drive the evolution of advanced television services, most recently with the exclusive 2006 US OPEN INTERACTIVE service and the NFL SUNDAY TICKET SUPERFAN service, an optional interactive tier for NFL SUNDAY TICKET customers that launched in 2005. It’s fitting that this year DIRECTV continues its leadership in specialized and interactive sports programming bringing it to NASCAR, the number-two ranked sport in terms of national television ratings, trailing only the NFL.

DIRECTV is an official sponsor of NASCAR and an official sponsor of Richard Childress Racing (RCR) and the # 07 car.

OK, so normally I don't do this stuff... but I've always been a fan of DireTV's Hot Pass feature and envy those that have it. For more information, visit for more information.

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