Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Way To Go, Andy!

Former NASCAR driver Andy Hillenburg bought the North Carolina Motor Speedway, better known as The Rock today for $4.4 million. Hillenburg plans to move his driving school to the track and also plans to host a USAR or ARCA race at the facility in 2008. I'm happy to see the track go to someone who wants to use it for racing, not to tear it up. I wish Andy and everyone involved the best of luck and if a race is there next year, I personally would help promote the hell out of it.

Other stuff has happened this week too:

Subway, Nationwide battling to sponsor the Busch Series in 2008
I personally give the edge right now to Nationwide, as Subway had been rumored for months but nothing official ever happened between the company and NASCAR. Still, the whole Busch Series to something else could prove to be just as hard to remember as Winston Cup to Nextel Cup (and, next year, Sprint Cup).

Bruton Smith, City of Concord at odds over dragstrip
OK, so there's some pretty rough language on both ends of this: Smith wants to expand the Lowes Motor Speedway compound and add a dragstrip, which started being graded this past week. However, the Concord city council is not allowing a dragstrip to be built because of "noise concerns." The huge cannon shot came from Smith, who said he would be looking to MOVE LOWES MOTOR SPEEDWAY somewhere else if he didn't get the dragstrip. Stay tuned on this one, folks. It could get pretty nasty.

Yeah, I didn't post anything following Kansas. I was in shock the rest of the night Sunday and into Monday. I'll be honest - I fell asleep during the rain delay. I flipped over to see the Panthers playing like a division 3 college football team and I got really, really depressed. So I took a nap. I woke up when the game was over and I realized the race might still be on. I turn it to ESPN2 and what do I see? Greg Biffle's sitting in Victory Lane! And Clint Bowyer's crying about something! I didn't know what had happened until I watched Victory Lane on SPEED. Better bookmark this one, because I don't say it often... I agree with NASCAR's ruling (gasp!). When the caution's out, the field is frozen, and in my opinion, as long as the leader is moving, he's still the leader. The car made it to the start/finish line and he deserved the win. On the downside, the Chase standings have been completely turned upside down and we now have about 8 or 9 guys over 100 points behind the leader. Talladega's looming though... funny things always happen there in October.


Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

definite three cheers to Hillenberg and Rockingham...me thinks things could get ugly in Concord....I think Natiowide gets the nod as welll

vroom said...

I'm happy for The Rock!

Auto Racing said...

Good news for Rockingham, great race track.

Brinton said...

I personally think that Bruton is bluffing because the city of Concord knows how much money it stands to lose if LMS moves elsewhere.