Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Know I Like To Criticize Mikey

Well, maybe like doesn't cover it. I have fun criticizing Michael Waltrip, the driver. Michael Waltrip, the owner has definite potential. This Saturday night, Michael Waltrip the owner earned a bunch more praise as I was able to visit Raceworld USA. Man, that is a terrific place. I was there for another engagement so I got to experience the entire layout of the place. I even got to kick a COT (haha!) and take a look at one very up close and personal. Heck, I crawled up under one to take a look. For fans of any age and interest level, I highly recommend a day trip to Cornelius to check the place out. It feels like the good old days when you could pretty much do anything you wanted in a shop and weren't so cut off from the work being done.

I also tried to sweet talk some of the employees into revealing what was happening with A.) the #00 next season and B.) how much longer Mikey would continue to drive. To answer the first, it's either gonna be Wise, McDowell (my choice, kid has talent) or a veteran if neither are ready. I just hope McDowell isn't pushed in over his head and the team brings in a veteran. Running McDowell on a partial schedule seems to be the best idea. I also found out that Dominos and Burger King will indeed be back next season in some form. To answer the other question, it seems as though I'll have at least a few more years to make fun of Mikey the driver.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Lesser Of Two Evils

That's been the question of the Chase. Is it worse to see Jeff win his 5th, or Jimmie win his 2nd? I came down on the latter a few weeks ago. Neither is a nice situation. But Jeff Gordon is still Jeff Gordon. At least Jimmie is somewhat of a normal guy. Watching him win for the 4th time in a row today was insane, but he earned it. When Jeff would do things like that, it just seemed that it was more car than driver. Even if it wasn't, it just felt that way. To me, it's a little different with Jimmie. Sure, he has Cheating Chad but he isn't going out and dominating every race. Jimmie bides his time and strikes when it matters. Adding it all up, Jimmie is more deserving and a better alternative than watching the dog-and=pony show with Jeff Gordon.

Now watch Jimmie blow up at Homestead and Jeff steals the championship.

Friday, November 9, 2007


That would be the announcement yesterday that Sam Hornish Jr. will be running the entire 2008 Sprint Cup schedule in the #77. The guy's 0-for in attempted Cup races this year and can't even finish a Busch race... yet he'll be running both series next year. As if I or anyone else needed a reason to dislike Roger Penske, the rumor is that he'll move Kurt Busch's owners points to Hornish so he'll be guaranteed a spot in the field. Hornish said he had nothing left to accomplish in the IRL. That may be true, but he'll be running back to the open-wheel cars with his tail between his legs in about 2 years.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

The First Champions Of 2007 Are Crowned

They are the #60 team with driver Carl Edwards. Although the team has trailed off from their earlier winning ways, a championship is a championship.

What I find interesting is that for the second time, a Roush driver running away with a points title the year before the series changes its name will change the way points are counted. In 2003, Matt Kenseth won the final Winston Cup title and the next year, we had the Nextel Cup and the Chase For The Cup. Here in 2007, Carl Edwards ran away with the final Busch Series title before it becomes the Nationwide Series and Cup drivers may not have their points counted after 2008. Just something to think about.....