Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Know I Like To Criticize Mikey

Well, maybe like doesn't cover it. I have fun criticizing Michael Waltrip, the driver. Michael Waltrip, the owner has definite potential. This Saturday night, Michael Waltrip the owner earned a bunch more praise as I was able to visit Raceworld USA. Man, that is a terrific place. I was there for another engagement so I got to experience the entire layout of the place. I even got to kick a COT (haha!) and take a look at one very up close and personal. Heck, I crawled up under one to take a look. For fans of any age and interest level, I highly recommend a day trip to Cornelius to check the place out. It feels like the good old days when you could pretty much do anything you wanted in a shop and weren't so cut off from the work being done.

I also tried to sweet talk some of the employees into revealing what was happening with A.) the #00 next season and B.) how much longer Mikey would continue to drive. To answer the first, it's either gonna be Wise, McDowell (my choice, kid has talent) or a veteran if neither are ready. I just hope McDowell isn't pushed in over his head and the team brings in a veteran. Running McDowell on a partial schedule seems to be the best idea. I also found out that Dominos and Burger King will indeed be back next season in some form. To answer the other question, it seems as though I'll have at least a few more years to make fun of Mikey the driver.


Charlie said...

We had McDowell on the show two weeks ago and he told us that he will be in the car after Reutiman moves to the #44. The kid has it all - including a ton of experience. With the Gibbs switch, Toyota may have the best roster of young drivers in NASCAR.

Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

I have a whole pot of respect for what Mikey has built over the last year despite what happend at Daytona...and a visit to race world is definitely on the agenda..I agree with you on Mcdowel who I watched at Toledo during the ARCA championship weekend..a full Busch season and a partial cup schedule will be good for him...

Anonymous said...

Hey Catfish,
Can you please explain to my why you get so much enjoyment out of picking on Mikey ???

I'd like to see some of these other guys start up a brand new team with a brand new manufacturer and be expected to win the championship in the first year.

I for one, am an AVID Mikey fan and will still be his fan as long as he straps into a racecar or the broadcast booth !!!

BTW, I do enjoy your blogs !!!