Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Lesser Of Two Evils

That's been the question of the Chase. Is it worse to see Jeff win his 5th, or Jimmie win his 2nd? I came down on the latter a few weeks ago. Neither is a nice situation. But Jeff Gordon is still Jeff Gordon. At least Jimmie is somewhat of a normal guy. Watching him win for the 4th time in a row today was insane, but he earned it. When Jeff would do things like that, it just seemed that it was more car than driver. Even if it wasn't, it just felt that way. To me, it's a little different with Jimmie. Sure, he has Cheating Chad but he isn't going out and dominating every race. Jimmie bides his time and strikes when it matters. Adding it all up, Jimmie is more deserving and a better alternative than watching the dog-and=pony show with Jeff Gordon.

Now watch Jimmie blow up at Homestead and Jeff steals the championship.

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vroom! said...

Yes...anything can happen at Home-stead!