Friday, March 7, 2008

I Like This New Qualifying Format

Sadly, tonight was the first time this year I've been able to watch qualifying on SPEED. I generally agreed with moving the cars outside the top 35 to either the front or the back of the line, and having them at the back - it's a blast to watch. In the words of TNT, they know drama. Especially after the first few and you know the times to beat and then have to watch as drivers attempt to lock their way in - along with drivers already gone hoping their effort was good enough - I have to applaud the decision to do things this way. I was cheering hard tonight for Vickers to hold on, and he did... just by 3 hundredths over Schrader. I think this gives fans a new reason to watch qualifying, and that's not a bad thing. Jeff Gordon and Dale Jr. are on the front row, the networks' wet dream. The rest of the lineup is here.

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