Tuesday, April 29, 2008

If You Live In North Carolina, Please Read This Post

I know I promised not to mix racing with politics often, but I feel this is too important to not talk about.

If you're a North Carolina resident planning to vote next Tuesday in the Republican primary, please make sure your choice for Governor is Pat McCrory. McCrory, the Mayor of Charlotte for the past 13 years, was re-elected to a record seventh term in 2007. Yet he decided he would run for Governor and made it official in January, a year after some began to campaign for the job. As a NASCAR fan, I witnessed first-hand how hard McCrory worked to bring the NASCAR Hall of Fame to Charlotte. As Governor, I feel that Pat McCrory will do an excellent job at balancing the focus of the state, cut taxes, tackle illegal immigration and crime problems, and bring more jobs to the state. So, for everyone reading in our great state, please vote for Pat McCrory on May 6.

For more information, feel free to visit his website, PatMcCrory.com.

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