Sunday, April 13, 2008

Reader Response: Fill Me In

Time to do something a little different for this blog posting... I missed the Phoenix Cup race this weekend. I spent four days in Raleigh at a conference, and was mostly removed from this blog and pretty much all forms of communication. So, here is my challenge to you: tell me, in the comments below, was the most important story to come from the Phoenix weekend. With an off-week this week before Talladega, we'll have some time to evaluate the 2008 season to this point.


HW's World of Sports said...

First off, the race didn't start on time because of a rain delay in the Yanks-Sox game. Of course this pissed off the prototypical NASCAR fan who thinks the world revolves around NASCAR and nothing else. FOX apparently proceeded to somehow miss both the end of the game and green flag.

As for the race (I only saw the second half after a trip to the local short track on a warm night), three things stood out: the FOX crew having a hard-on (and most of the media for that matter) over the fact that Hendrick finally won a race in '08, Dodges dropping like flies with mechanical issues, and Mark Martin/Martin Truex making a statement on the line of "Who needs Junior?"

Bruce said...

HW, yea, the Fox debable ticked a few people off. The confusing part was that the baseball game was on both Fox and FX so people are a little focused on that.

Some issues from the night:
* Matt Kenseth hit the wall - L41,
* Newman - Blown Engine seal - L133
* Elliott Sadler - Engine - L161
* Kasey Kahne blows a tire, hits the wall - L229

Jr led some laps but used his car up when they were within 40 laps of the end.

Fuel mileage was THE biggest issue of the evening. Jimmie Johnson was one of only a few folk that did not pit for fuel and the last 3 laps we got to hear Chad on the radio telling Jimmie to slow down to save every drop.. that was surreal.

Jimmie needed to be pushed to the victory lane.