Saturday, April 26, 2008

Red Flag At Talladega, Kevin Lepage Should Be Banned From Competition

Kevin Lepage caused a massive wreck this afternoon at Talladega in the Nationwide race, and as a result we're still sitting here under the red flag. Lepage came off pit road and didn't obey NASCAR's blend rules, but Lepage hasn't driven competitively in years, so I guess he should be entitled to driving like someone who didn't belong. Hell, Robert Richardson and Morgan Shephard are driving better than Lepage. The result of his idiocy was a 16-car wreck taking out many competitive cars, including Brad Keselowski, Carl Edwards, and Reed Sorenson. I'm expecting this race will take quite a while to finish.


Anonymous said...

Kevin Lepage didn't do something stupid, he did something really stupid.

Anonymous said...

Sure it was stupid, but it was what he said afterwards that makes him a jerk. He said it wasn't his fault;the other drivers should have seen him, and gone around him. Suuuure, he was doing about 80mph, and the other drivers were doing 180mph. What a dirtbag.
That's why I love Carl Edwards--even when it isn't his fault, he'll still apologize.