Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Some Deeply Disturbing News Today

Aaron Fike admitted in a recent interview with ESPN The Magazine, he admitted he used heroin... on race days. This is worse than Shane Hmiel or Kevin Grubb IMO, as we have the first driver to admit being on drugs while competing. The scarier part is that I'm sure Fike isn't the only one who has done this, or is doing so. A bevy of links on the story below:

ESPN story
ESPN Magazine article
Terry Blount
David Newton


HW's World of Sports said...

Do you think drivers who raced against Fike on days where he was on heroin have the grounds to sue him and/or NASCAR? Technically, he never did harm to anybody else, but the fact that he endangered them with hard drugs in an already dangerous sport is, as you said, disturbing. Hopefully this is a wake up call to NASCAR to get their heads out of their rears and institute mandatory drug testing. They need to realize the severity of this admission by Fike, who in my opinion, should receive a lifetime ban for being such a knucklehead.

Anonymous said...

Shane Hmiel was tested RIGHT after getting out of the car and tested there is a high probability he also was high while driving. USAC seems to be turning into the place where all recovering addicts go to race!

Charlie Turner said...

That was a pretty cheap shot at USAC. This kind of stuff has been going on for as long as there has been racing. The cars are driven by humans. Many humans have substance problems. There are plenty of stories about drinking in NASCAR. The Tim Richmond days were full of rumors about other abuses. I like to think that Fike is more of an anomaly than a faction. But I'm sure - absolutely - that he isn't the only one. Thanks for bringing it up Matt.