Friday, May 30, 2008

Dover Truck Race *SPOILER ALERT*

The Dover Truck race just ended, and if you don't want to be surprised (tape delay at 8 tonight) look away.

OK, Scott Speed - yes, that Scott Speed - won the AAA Insurance 200. This was shocking to listen to, and it is every bit the upset Donny Lia's victory one race ago was. More to come on this over the weekend, but Speed may indeed be a legitimate contender as he moves up the ladder.


Charlie Turner said...

Matt, Speed's success has been a surprise. But the surprise should start to give way to some expectation now. Despite his flamboyant personality, the guy has been steady on track. His ARCA win at Kansas was workman-like, not flashy. His other finishes in ARCA have been steady. The Truck win was another. He - and his crew - got in position and then closed the deal. Looks like Red Bull has another good driver for the Cup Series to go with the two they have. And the two they have are under-rated.

thecatfishshow said...

I'll admit I've been hard on him, for various things. Yet he is starting to make me a fan, and I'm recognizing his talent and determination. I wonder how soon it will take before the higher ups decide to put him in a 3rd TRB car.