Monday, May 5, 2008

Forgot To Mention Hamlin, Dale Jr., Kyle, and Bowyer

Due to the close proximity of my apartment and the venue in which I saw Kid Rock, I was able to watch the last 10 laps of the race at Richmond. What I missed out on was Hamlin's domination, as I turned on the TV and saw Dale Jr. at the front with Kyle Busch on his tail. I could immediately tell that Kyle was either going to win, or do his best to wreck trying. Of course, what happened was he wrecked Jr. and didn't win. Since then, that battle has been the topic of conversation, so I feel that I need to chime in: Dale Jr. put himself in position to be wrecked. He obviously knew Kyle was loose, and Kyle had damn near passed him coming off of 2... so what does Jr. do? He gives Kyle no room in 3, and knowing that Kyle was going to slam his car into turn 3, he gives Kyle little to no room... and got wrecked. Come on, it's 5 laps to go, and after what you've seen this year, you really think Kyle is lifting? So there's my take. Of course, Clint Bowyer has the win handed to him, aided by Mark's run on Kyle during the GWC.

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Anonymous said...

Kyle Busch can go to hell.