Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Little Late

My Indy 500 recap is a few days late, but I feel like I needed some closure on the subject.

Scott Dixon won, and he probably deserved it, he definitely had the best car throughout the day. The race itself was far from boring, with intrigue and dashed hopes at every turn. That makes the Indy 500 what it is: a battle of attrition, a battle with lady luck, and at the end, a battle at the front. I was rooting hard most of the day for Marco, but Castroneves did a good enough job blocking him that he had no chance to pull off a win. I would also have liked to have seen Vitor Meira pull off a win too, I thought for sure he could have won one by now. He's still an underrated driver in this series. Still, Dixon dominated May, and without Franchitti there he pulled off a convincing win. A few other thoughts:

- I may be in the minority on this, but Marco didn't wreck Tony Kanaan. True, Marco made his move late, but Kanaan just had bad luck when Sarah Fisher came around and plowed into his car. Otherwise, a caution is out, Kanaan pits, and he could have challenged Dixon. Oh well.

- Graham Rahal, my rookie of the race pick, looked pretty good in his limited time. He may be the American that goes to F1 soon.

- Danica's latest hissyfit has been overplayed and overblown. This is coming from a guy that's been more pro-Danica than most bloggers, but ABC went out of their way to make the situation a circus.

- Ganassi should make his IRL and GrandAm teams share notes with his NASCAR teams. Why are the #40, 41, and 42 so bad?

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