Friday, May 23, 2008

Schedule Shake-up, Part 1

We're getting clues about NASCAR shuffling the deck with the fall schedule, and I'm hoping we see more come down the pipe later. Word leaked today would do the following: move Labor Day to Atlanta, move Talladega's date to California, and move Atlanta's date to Talladega. I like this plan. I like it because we get California off the Labor Day spot, and put it back in the south at least. It's not Darlington, but it's close, and Atlanta's a damn good track. Second, I like moving one of the 1.5 mile tracks out of the Chase, because there are still too many there. In the Chase, 5 of the 10 races are on 1.5 milers, so moving the 2-mile California track there isn't a bad idea. Heck, let's move the 2nd race of the year away from there, and leave California with 1 race, in the Chase, and watch it sell out. Finally, Talladega moves back in the order of races, making it even more important. Second of all with Talladega and Atlanta, the space between dates should increase ticket sales in both. This has been a busy weekend, Humpy retiring, Bruton Smith buying Kentucky, schedule swapping, Aflac signing a monster deal with Edwards, and we still haven't had a race yet.

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