Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Somebody's Gotta Say It


Seriously, the whole discussion of when Dale Earnhardt Jr. would win was, quite simply, nauseating. It's been x number of races since he won. He hasn't won with Hendrick. He sold his soul to the devil to win a race. Hyperbole much? Never, not in NASCAR's world. So, when the year started and week after week he posted top 5 and top 10 finishes, it didn't matter. He hadn't won! He can't finish the job! Nevermind the fact that he has been a fixture at the front of the points standings, resting comfortably in the top 5 nearly all year. No, for him, he had to win a race. Some guys will never have a tenth of Dale Jr.'s career and would be thrilled to be in his position. Hell, there are guys with more talent that Jr. that haven't won this year: Gordon, Stewart, Kenseth to name a few. I've always maintained I don't dislike Dale Jr. the person, it's the majority of his fans that the media that I dislike because of how they treat him. He's not his daddy. He's not the best driver in the sport. Winning one race doesn't change a lot. He's been to victory lane before. He's had droughts before.

But now it's over. Thank god.

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Charlie Turner said...

I'm not sure that this win will satisfy the "Jr has to win to be successful" crowd. I've seen several articles stating, in so many words, that his MIS win was somehow without honor. He didn't get a "quality win". Whatever. I still am not convinced that he is better than the driver he replaced. I may be wrong. But I need to see some wins at non-plate tracks in non-DEI cars to be convinced. I'll count the Michigan win. Thta leaves the Shrub up 4 to 1.