Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Haas Racing Applies For #14 Trademark

So says Scene Daily, looks like Tony Stewart will indeed race that number in 2009. For his sake, I hope goes like this:

Instead of this:


Josh said...

Just the same as Dale Jr. switching to the number 88, Kyle Busch switching to 18, and seeing a new name attached to the number 8 car, it will all take some getting used to but I am not quite sure if that is the real reasoning for chosing that number. That is nearly one of few numbers left out there to chose from, but maybe once it has been officially announced, the reasoning will come with it.

Forrest Gump said...

That's smart marketing and branding. He spent years building a Rep for that #14. he would be a fool to just let it go.

Charlie Turner said...

Matt, Steve actually predicted this a few weeks ago, and included it in our first Monday Morning Crew Chief video, with Mindy. I don't know if he saw it somewhere else or not, but I have to give him some props. AJ has always been one of Stewarts heroes, so it makes sense, given his reverence for racing tradition.