Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kyle Busch Finally Conquers Daytona

My experience with the Coke Zero 400 was interesting, to say the least. Let me explain: I went to see a little band named MOTLEY CRUE in Charlotte Saturday night, along with host of others. Needless to say, the show rocked. Yet I still wanted to know what happened during the race, so I received text messages every so often of who was leading and so forth during the show, and I was able to quickly read them. Once I was in the parking lot and the car, there were 33 to go.

One of the first things that left me bewildered was why is J.J. Yeley in the race? My text messages failed to mention Tony Stewart getting sick and having Yeley replace him in the #20. The cautions were downright ridiculous listening to the MRN boys, but then again they make everything more exciting, so I can't judge in exact terms. At any rate, the final 2 laps were incredible. I had to watch them on when I woke up today. Going back to last night...

When I heard Gordon spun by Edwards, I yelled. Got one of the way! Of course, Kyle Busch was going to be tough to pass. This is the same way he won Talladega, being in front when it matters. Carl Edwards is a good plate racer, but he hasn't had the opportunity to win one of these things, and he really needed a win to get close to Kyle when the Chase starts. As they ran side-by-side, I and probably everyone else were having flashbacks to the race one year when McMurray edged Kyle at the line. This one wouldn't get the far though, as the race ended on the white flag lap thanks to Michael Waltrip and Sam Hornish. For someone listening on the radio and having huge rooting interest, I was ready to choke someone to find out who won.

NASCAR is going to the loops and video to determine the winner, I want to strangle Joe Moore

I placed a frantic phone call to my mom, yelling out "who won?" as the radio guys dilly-dally about. Of course, I guess no one really knew at the time... after a few more seconds, I had my answer. Kyle Busch. Damn.

As you probably can guess if you're a regular reader, I like Kyle and I respect the hell out of him. But I wanted Edwards to get that win. Soon after, I went back to my healthy respect and told my fellow concert-goers how good he is and how dominant he has been this year. I wasn't too disappointed with the rest either, as Matt Kenseth took 3rd and David Ragan was 5th. Most of all, I wish I could have seen it live, but racing will be there every weekend, 38 weekends a year. A great time with friends and 5 awesome bands was worth it to skip this week.


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WINN3R CW said...

Kyle is having a great season. His brother Kurt seems to be fading away.