Monday, October 20, 2008

Bob Margolis Annoys Me

I honestly don't know why I read his columns, other than for the same reasons I watch the Boston Red Sox (go back to Bahston, losers!) or Bill O'Reilly (not a real conservative, but I have another blog for those sorts of things).... his latest Observations column from Martinsville. I was at the race, and feel the need to correct some of his "observations" from the race (my thoughts in bold):

- Watching Elliott ride around the rear of the field for most of the race in the woeful Wood Brothers entry was an embarrassment to both Elliott and the sport in general. Due to attrition and his veteran's instincts, Elliott still managed a top-20 finish.

Actually, Bill was pretty competitive most of the day. I want to say he got the lucky dog early, but he stayed close and passed cars. Sure, Bill isn't what he was even a few years ago, but come on - Wood Brothers equipment can only do so much, and the so much has been very little at almost every track.

-I'm convinced that the only reason AJ Allmendinger did so well in the GEM Dodge – he wound up 15th – is that when he learned how to drive a stock car at Red Bull, it was a really bad stock car and that's all he knows. Not to take anything away from Allmendinger, but Patrick Carpentier (hey, remember him?) did a pretty darn good job in a car that was far less than competitive.

Umm, what? I'm a fan of both drivers, but this paragraph makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Allmendinger's simply further along in his progression and ran better than Elliott Sadler and Kasey Kahne yesterday in his first race with a team at a track exceptionally tough on inexperienced drivers.

- Kudos to rookie Chad McCumbee (finished 25th) for one heck of a job in the Petty Dodge. Let's hope that the reported Boston Ventures/Petty-DEI deal comes together (I hear it's likely) and that this kid gets to drive a Cup car next season.

I'm sorry, but McCumbee was a backmarker. I think he mistook the finishes of Bill and McCumbee, because Bill is the one that was surprisingly solid and McCumbee rode around the back and waited for everyone else to crash out. I honestly don't know if Chad has Cup-level talent. We'll find out next season.

I guess that finishes up my rant. I read it and had to respond, maybe someone will see it. The race yesterday marked the end of 3 races in 9 days for your esteemed blogger. Here's a view from my seats in turn 2 yesterday to finish up.

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