Sunday, October 26, 2008

Edwards Wins, I Still Hate Jimmie Johnson

I thought Atlanta was pretty decent today, not the best but it was entertaining. I enjoyed seeing the drivers work the wheel the whole race thanks to an abrasive track and Goodyear tires. I liked the Darlington comparisons because that's was racing is at its best... I prefer that to guys being able to stay out on 100-lap tires and pull away from the field. Edwards slung the #99 around all day, not handling the best but doing enough to stay up front and then make a move when it mattered. Good runs today from Kenseth and Hamlin. (Psst... be honest, you were hoping he would take Jimmie out on the last lap when he got loose in turn 3. It's ok, I was too)

I'm refusing to call Johnson the champ in waiting, something could still happen. Edwards will more than likely win at Texas and we'll see where we stand next week.

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