Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How Long Until Clint Bowyer Takes A Hostage?

I can see it now, reporters have flocked to Welcome, NC to watch a hostage negotiation. Police yell at Clint Bowyer through a megaphone, telling him it'll be OK - just come on out. Really, you'll be fine.

If I'm Bowyer, I'm not so sure. He has to be close to snapping by now, after making the Chase for the 2nd year in a row he gets rewarded by:

- Being moved to the brand-new #33 team
- Having the #07 team and Gil Martin taken from him
- Potentially needing to qualify on speed the first 5 races of 2009
- Working with a new crew chief whose previous Cup experience was with Brendan Gaughan

Seriously, RCR is moving heaven and earth to make sure Casey Mears is dropped into the best situation possible. He gets a Chase-caliber team, a top 12 points position, and lets face it, a way cooler sponsor and in return Bowyer gets to work with brand-new everything, or a Nationwide team moving to Cup.

Where's the negotiator?

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opr-steve said...

Clint isn't going to be looking for any ledges any time soon. He may have been given the shaft by Childress for 2009, but if anyone can make the #33 viable early on it is Clint. If you had to have one of YOUR drivers qualify to get into the biggest race of the year, who would you rather have behind the wheel? Enough said.