Friday, October 3, 2008

Talladega ARCA Races Never Disappoint

Today's race was more proof. The crashes, the lead changes, the overall uncertainty makes this one of the highlights of the season. Today was no exception, with the addition of a thrilling championship battle between Scott Speed and Ricky Stenhouse. Stenhouse loses a tire, hits the wall, goes to the garage... followed by Speed doing the same thing! Soon it was a battle between the two teams to fix the cars and send them back on to the track. In the mean time, Joey Logano rode in the second spot until the leader spun in front of him, thanks once again to tires. Logano would then lose the lead, regain it, only to have Justin Allagier outduel him for the victory. Young Allgaier looks stout right now and he could mount a surprise challenge for the title, mathematically he hasn't been eliminated. As it stands, next week's finale at Toledo will be fun to watch.

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