Saturday, January 31, 2009

The 2009 Camping World Truck Series Champion...

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I'm making another bold prediction for the 2009 season. 

Mike Skinner will win the 2009 Camping World Truck Series Championship.

Does this come with some risks?  Sure it does.  But as I like to say, go big or go home.  I've been one of the earliest backers of Moss' foray into the series.  I told people he was committed while others viewed him as a flash in the pan.  Last year the team ran a number of drivers to get acquainted with the series.  As luck (or fate) would have it, the team lands two drivers and a new manufacturer seemingly out of the blue with the demise of Bill Davis Racing.  Skinner is a consummate professional that knows how to win and Tayler Malsam comes with a lot of hype, good enough to have landed a ride with BDR at the end of the season.  What people seem to be forgetting is that the Moss team is still run by David Dollar.  He's been around the block and knows how to run winning teams and championship-caliber teams.  

Skinner will drive the #46 Toyota this season.  I like taking chances with predictions and I would like to see Skinner, Dollar, Moss, and hell, the entire Patriots team celebrating in Homestead.  In a year of rapid changes in the structure of the series, the 1995 Champion could very well claim his second title.

On one side note, maybe the team could run a third truck for Donny Lia, the guy piloting the truck in the picture at the top.


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