Monday, January 12, 2009

Why I Love Open Competition

Two new deals are aiming to make their presence known in 2009.  This is why it isn't NASCAR's place to dictate who competes, who gets "saved" and who falls by the wayside.

Tommy Baldwin formed Tommy Baldwin Racing, planning on taking advantage of the economic downturn to enter the sport at a time when costs themselves are down.

Secondly, I saw this story tonight, a likely merger of Yates Racing and Hall of Fame Racing.  To add to that, the team is expected to acquire sponsorship from for the upcoming season.  

See, this is why I've said time and time again, let the market forces work.  Baldwin's team will have lots of veteran team members.  Yates/HOF has solid driver base in Kvapil and Menard, and has lined up sponsorship from a new company.  NASCAR shouldn't franchise teams or pick favorites, and always remember that the sport will fix itself.  

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