Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Coming Up: 4 Days Of Joy

Gatorade Duels (I can't see them live, so I'm watching the replay at 7 PM and if anyone tries to tell me the results before I watch them, so help me God I will find you and smite you)

Camping World Trucks

Nationwide Series

Sprint Cup... the 51st annual DAYTONA 500

Ahhh... I love racing. Now some random links for your enjoyment.

- Jeff Gordon writes an article for Guideposts magazine. It's worth the click.

- Daytona will be repaved in a few years, but not everyone's happy. I need to stew on it a bit.

- A pair of stories from Yahoo Sports to check out.

- Roush announces Erik Darnell's Nationwide schedule. I wish he had a full-time ride, but I guess this is better than nothing. Interestingly, Biffle and Kenseth are splitting a car with Ricky Stenhouse too.

- If you're interested in the Vegas odds on the 500, click here. I myself would never be foolish enough to bet on racing, but hey, live and let live.

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