Friday, February 6, 2009

Points Transfer Madness

Richard Petty and Phoenix Racing are both upset at NASCAR allowing points transfers that kick their respective teams out of the top 35 and being locked in for the first 5 races of 2009.  The beneficiaries are Richard Childress Racing and JTG Daugherty Racing, specifically the #33 of Clint Bowyer and the #47 of Kangaroo Meat.  Here's my question: since when should teams be surprised that NASCAR's making arbitrary rules?  That's the way the Frances have run the sport since Big Bill France started organizing races in Florida in 1936.  The way it's been, the way it is, and in all liklihood will continue to be.

However, there will be cars on the track tomorrow night in a race, and I'm damn excited.  It's that time of year again!

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