Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No, Ed Hinton. F1 Gets It Very, Very Wrong

Ed Hinton practically wet himself in this post on ESPN today.  F1 is crowning their champion by who wins the most races, with the points system being kept in place to break ties.  I think this is a horrible idea and if any other racing series adopts this rule as a result, I'll ridicule them as well.

Here's the problem: over the course of most years, the champion will be crowned weeks, most likely multiple weeks, in advance of the final race of the season.  For most racing series, they want a championship battle that will come down the final race of the year.  It's the natural culmination of a season-long (or 10 race-long) battle.  Sure, you may get a few years in which the final race under winner-take-all is thrilling, but on the average and in the long-term interest of the sport, you'll have a boring final race of the year.  The press won't pay attention if there's nothing to watch.  I think it's a really dumb idea.

David Poole responds as well, much closer to my point of view than Hinton's insanity.  I'd agree wins should mean more but it really shouldn't be the most important factor when deciding a champion.  I'd expect something more intelligent from Hinton.

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NASCAR Shop Scott said...

You are clearly not thinking about this from my wife's perspective.

Oh, what happy day it would be for her if all sports were decided by who had the most wins at the end of the season.

No more playoffs, no more Super Bowls.

You are absolutely right about the absurdity of Hinton's proposal. This Hinton guy is clearly a Communist!