Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When Sponsors Attack

Remind me to never sign a deal with Monster energy drinks. What they're doing to Ricky Carmichael and KHI has jumped the shark from being absurd to stupid in the span of a few days. Of course you can blame Ricky and KHI just as easily for signing a deal with them to begin with, but Monster shouldn't be so inflexible they'll deny their driver a chance at gaining more track time and experience, making their investment pay off to a greater extent. So in Atlanta this week KHI will now enter 3 trucks for the first time, with Harvick in the #2 and Ricky in the #4. It's not of of question for Carmichael to get a top 5 finish this season. He's been impressive in both races so far this year. Certainly better than I and most other people thought he would do at this point.

Speaking of doing better, I'm ready for the Logano haters to attack. They had their fun after his Daytona finish, but he finished the race in California and recorded a 13th-place finish the first time he's even seen the Las Vegas track. I'm hoping he does just as well in Atlanta to really make them mad.

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Brinton Hester said...

Hopefully KHI and Monster can sort something out, because I'd like for Ricky to be able to run the full schedule.