Monday, April 27, 2009

Carl Edwards Is Right

We will absolutely kill someone continuing to race this way.

The events of today easily trace back to the October finish in which Regan Smith dipped below the yellow line to pass Tony Stewart, and was subsequently ruled an illegal pass and sent him back to the end of the lead lap cars.  People complained, NASCAR stood firm, and many fans wondered what would happen in this situation the next time it happened.  

We found out today.

Brad Keselowski did what he had to do and likely thought about what would happen if he got under Edwards: would he hold his spot and damn the consequences, or do what Regan did?  Brad held his line and the ensuing result proved to be one of the scariest moments in NASCAR in a very long time.  Unbelievably, this was worse than Kenseth's flip yesterday.  I had immediate thoughts of Bobby Allison when I saw Edwards' car slinging into the fence.  Thankfully, the fence held, and Edwards climbed out of the car within seconds.  10, 15 years ago I might be writing Edwards' obituary at this moment.  

So, NASCAR, where do we go from here?  Quite simply, stop making these guys risk injuring a fellow driver by following the rules.  The cars have changed since the rule was put into place and I don't think the yellow line is as much of a factor as it was when it was instituted.  These cars are bigger and in most situations, wouldn't go completely below the line at any point on the track.  In the tri-oval, they're safe to drive below where the present line is.  Guys did it in qualifying to improve their time.  France and the rest of the bobbleheads in Daytona need to re-evaluate their rules and stop being reactionary.  I don't want to see a repeat of this at Daytona in July or the October race in Talladega.

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