Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Calling Out Ed Hinton Once Again

The title of Hinton's column after the Coke 340.5 is "Nice guy Reutimann finally finishes first."

Um, ok.

If someone like Robby Gordon had one, would it be "Bad boy Robby steals win"?  

If it were Jamie McMurray, would it be "Pretty boy Jamie wins 2nd race at Lowes"?

If it were Bill Elliott, would it say something like "Old man Elliott steals victory"?

I digress, but Reutimann being a good guy or perceived as a good guy has nothing to do with why he won the race yesterday.  His team made a call that somoene always does when rain plagues a race and it paid off.  Same with Kurt Busch's so-called win at Loudon last year when he stayed out and the rain didn't stop.  I'd rather someone with the experience of Ed Hinton talk about the steady improvement of MWR as a team and the progression of Reutimann from Trucks to Nationwide to Cup.  If anything, I think this race shows that if Mikey put a good driver in the #55 there's no reason not to think it wouldn't be a top-20 car.  I've been on this for over a year.  I'm not quite sure I believe the Truex to MWR rumors but we'll see.  I figured it was a lock for Truex and Bass Pro to move to Stewart Haas.  

For all the work he's done, I'm surprised Hinton is letting the ESPNification bleed into his writing.  Maybe I'm overreacting.  I don't know.  But I can think of better ways to describe the victory for Reutimann than just saying a nice guy finally finished first.


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