Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blogging The Blogosphere

3 stories I saw today that I feel like I'll comment on:

Examiner: How vital is a Nationwide Series team to the success of a Sprint Cup organization?

Interesting read here, and it pretty much tells you all you need to know about why Sprint Cup teams have Nationwide teams.  It doesn't hurt when your drivers last year won half the races in the series, either, as was the case for Joe Gibbs Racing.  No matter what you do to the series, Cup teams and their Cup drivers will still compete, win races, and make money.

Racin' Today: Smashed Guitar Strikes Sour Chord in Music City

Oh boy, we get some more self-rightous tongue-lashing of Kyle Busch for his smashing of the guitar in the Nationwide race at Nashville.  After reading enough of it Sunday, Monday, and today, I'm going to defend Kyle: he won the race and the trophy and can do what he damn well pleases with it.  Would I smash it into pieces myself?  Probably not.  But I'm also not going to jump on another Kyle Busch bandwagon bash either because I didn't "like" what he did or how it could possibly "offend" someone.  We still live in America, you don't have a right to not be offended.  Kyle Busch is a different kind of guy and what he did added some spice to victory lane that we haven't seen in a while.  I miss that sort of thing.  Tim Richmond was a very different guy when he came to NASCAR and surprise, a lot of people didn't like him either at first.  Even after his death, fans still miss him and people still talk about him and how good he was - and how good he was for the sport.  Kyle Busch will be talked about in a similar sense.

NASCAR Insiders: Is MWR The Best Place For Truex?

I view the possible move for Martin Truex Jr. in a more favorable light than many, mainly because MWR is on the way up.  The Toyota connection simply cannot be overstated, especially given the uncertainty with Chrysler and Government (oops, General) Motors.  As I've been saying, having Mikey wearing the owner's hat full-time will be a plus since his team has come a long way in an awful short amount of time.  From trying too much too soon to decelerating the pace to, finally, a win and success, MWR is a team that will firmly establish itself on the second-tier with potential to go higher.  Should Truex land in the #55, I would expect to see Mikey take a 3rd car for a 2010 limited schedule retirement tour if he won't mercifully leave after this year.  The success has been undeniable when you factor in the surprising success of JTG and Marcos Ambrose.


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