Monday, June 1, 2009

Double-File Restarts

Looks like NASCAR is going to move ahead with double-file restarts for every race.  The format produces interesting and exciting restarts in the All-Star races, but doing them at every event makes me nervous.

I do think it would make a better show for the fans, but I am worried about the unintended consequences that it may produce.  I think seeing it in action will be the biggest difference.  I used to be against it, but I may be coming around.  It will put all the lap down cars behind the lead lap cars racing for the Lucky Dog, which if it's still around, is a worthy enough prize for them.  The other thing is eliminating cars on the tail end of the lead lap from restarting in front of the leaders.  If they stay out, the theory goes, they'll go to the back of the lead lap cars and in front of the lap down cars.  Is that a better system?  Seems so, on the surface, but that's still something to be ironed out.  If it does change at Pocono this week we'll get to see if it's a great move or a horrible idea.

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