Monday, June 15, 2009

Pony Cars In The Nationwide Series

Hopefully this means the cars will look different that the one pictured above.

Lee Spencer of Fox Sports is reporting that "pony cars" are coming to Nationwide in the form of the new Nationwide COT. She also reports that design flaws in the current COT will be changed and that NASCAR won't admit their mistake. Hah, you're damn right they won't.

I actually do have some hopes for this car but NASCAR had a nasty habit of letting you down. It remains to be seen if they'll actually fix the real problems of the car, the ones going on inside where you can't see and where most people don't know. That's the challenge. Adding the spoiler back instead of the wing is probably on the list. Hopefully getting rid of the splitter too. That thing needs to go out with the trash.

Seeing a Ford Mustang as a race car will be cool. It brings more to the table than the Fusion did. Same with the model Dodge uses, if they're still around at this time next year. These changes can't come soon enough. Racing could be revitalized after all.

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