Friday, August 28, 2009

NASCAR Changes

Going off that title, it could be anything inside the post. What I mean by that in this case is I'm finally going to post bits and pieces from a Word document I've been adding to, tinkering with, and adjusting since probably mid-January. In it is my personal changes to NASCAR that I think will be for the better and will carry the sport to the place we thought we were going years ago. One thing I kept in mind was this had to pretty realistic, in that it could conceivably be talked about in Daytona by the France family. You won't find a scrap the Chase or a go back to North Wilkesboro rant. I think just by saying that I'll make a lot of people mad, but grow up and come to reality. Neither one of those will ever happen so don't waste time on it.

My two main points of emphasis are going to be 1.) adjusting the points system and the Chase composition and 2.) overhauling the schedule.

So, what are my ideas? You'll have to stay tuned. Let's just say if I had my way, the 10th Chase spot would have a big bullseye on it right now.

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