Saturday, September 26, 2009

The (Real) Arrival of Juan Pablo Montoya

Consider me on the bandwagon that thinks Juan Pablo Montoya could be champion this year. It's been fun this year and really since the summer, when JPM's consistency became better and better. The way the team was racking points and running in the top 10 showed that they had a plan. This team has to be considered as much of a surprise as anyone. A lot of media (myself included) didn't think EGR would be good. If anyone, I figured it would be Truex in this position. Not the case and I think that's been a good thing.

Montoya's season really arrived when he dominated the Brickyard this year. Despite not getting the win, he showed that he could - and would soon. That hasn't been accomplished yet but consider me surprised if it doesn't during the Chase. Another good thing I like is that this team hasn't peaked yet. They could indeed be peaking now. How improbable is that - a team made up of an absentee owner and an owner that's only around when his other teams have an off weekend, a team that combined fielded three times as many teams a season ago, sponsorship issues, rated below many other teams on their manufacturer pecking order, and they could celebrate in Homestead as the 2009 Sprint Cup Champions.

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