Friday, November 27, 2009

What I'm Thankful For In NASCAR

- I'm thankful for double-file restarts saving the competitiveness from becoming worse than Formula One. More than anything else, they kept me from falling asleep during races... which happened more than once at the beginning of the season.

- I'm thankful I'm seeing history made in the form of Jimmie Johnson, despite my not caring for Hendrick Motorsports, Chad Knaus, or anything Lowes-related.

- I'm thankful for Kyle Busch being Kyle Busch and Juan Montoya being Juan Montoya and not hiding their personalities. Kyle scared us for a bit at Bristol, but it didn't take.

- I'm thankful for Denny Hamlin and Brad Keselowski trying to recapture the spirit of 1979 in a Daytona infield thanks to their rivalry in the Nationwide Series. While I'm puzzled at why people defend Hamlin, it made Nationwide races exciting and gave people something to talk about.

- I'm thankful Mark Martin returned to race full-time.

- I'm thankful Michael Waltrip finally took my advice and retired from full-time competition.

- I'm thankful fans still showed up to the track this year despite all the negative news. Thank you, fans. You're the reason why we can still talk, watch, and write about this sport.


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