Friday, December 11, 2009

NASCAR Should Avoid Path Of IRL

I was browsing my usual NASCAR news sources today and noticed something that made me do a double-take. The headline read 'NASCAR testing corn-based fuel, might use by 2011 season' and I had a flash of rage for a minute and had to re-read the story. The piece (it's short) can be found here courtesy of the outstanding Dustin Long. Again, as I've said, I don't like to mix the political side of me with the racing side but there is precedent and it's going to be needed again, so here goes.

NASCAR has no business bowing to the leftist environmental lobby the way the IRL did. The transition was much easier with the IRL since they used methanol instead of ethanol, but corn-based ethanol is probably the worst 'green' fuel to use because of the way it damages farm land, water tables, and lots of other things I've written about in great detail. In fact, if this were 2007, NASCAR would be commended for thinking about switching to ethanol because its negative effects were not well-known at the time. Yet now, the movement has been in the opposite direction of corn ethanol.

Brian France is all too comfortable getting cozy with leftist interest groups. The whole ordeal in the middle of the decade with Jesse Jackson should confirm that. But this is much too dangerous and would have too much of an effect for years to come if it happens. I cannot sit idly by and let NASCAR fall into the leftist environmental lobby's clutches without saying nothing.

Consider this post as the kickoff of "NASCAR Fans Against Ethanol" as a way to show NASCAR that we do not want any part of their desire to appease interest groups that do not have the sport's best interests at heart.

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